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Originally published February 2007

Use cases, sometimes called user scenarios, are narratives or flow diagrams that describe how users will interact with a Web site. Some people also refer to them as task analysis or user flows. Regardless of what you call them, the idea is the same. Illustrate to people scenarios or specific tasks which users will perform. So the names of the deliverables are pretty self descriptive. A case (study) of a use or a scenario. Sounds right to me. More »

Originally published January 2007

Before starting any Web project it is imperative to understand the target audiences. The target audience may be existing users or, in the case of a new site, new users. User profiles (also referred to as user personas) are an excellent way to document and illustrate realistic sample users. User profiles are short bios or narratives about a user and their use of a Web site. These personas typically are concise one page documents. More »