FatPurple launched in April 2010 as a site focusing on topics related to the field of Web consulting.

Why the name FatPurple?
It’s a little known fact that some individuals within the U.S. Department of Defense once referred to an early version of ARPANET – the predecessor of the global Internet – as Fat Purple. Rumor is that the phrase was coined after the color of marker (purple) used to sketch out the network’s initial geographic layout. Really? No, not really.

Who Runs this Site?
FatPurple was created and is maintained by Glen Doss (that’s me) – a senior Web manager at a Washington D.C. based consulting company. I have been involved with designing, developing, and directing Web projects since the early days of the World Wide Web.

Do you accept advertisers?
But of course. Check out the advertising page.

Do you accept guest posts/articles?
Yes if the content is relevant and will be useful to our readers. Contact me if you’re interested.