Selling to CIOs

Partnering with the CIOI recently read Partnering With the CIO: The Future of IT Sales Seen Through the Eyes of Key Decision Makers. It’s good context for anyone partnering or selling to C-level execs or senior government staff. The main takeaways:

  • CIOs have evolved and now need to be thinking more like CEOs. IT today is about providing value, efficiencies, and revenue streams. Therefore, technical sales reps need to focus more on how their products can provide business value and competitive advantages (the 80% of the sale) and less on their company and platform/product (the 20% of the sale).
  • “What happens after the sale?” is a CIOs #1 concern. “Will we be left out to dry?” or “will we receive effective, ongoing support?” Sales reps often disappear after the sale. Reps need to stay involved or else the client will have no loyalty to that rep – and likely lose respect for the product and supplier.

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