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Sales Engineer - Part Sales Rep. Part EngineerThe role of a sales engineer isn’t widely known outside the world of large software and hardware companies. Naturally a sales engineer combines skills of both a engineer and sales representative. I like this definition from Pragmatic Marketing.

Sales engineers (SEs) are the technical glue of a technical sale. Sometimes called “systems engineers,” “pre-sales support,” or “field consultants,” SEs act as the sales team’s technical encyclopedia during the sale, representing the technical aspects of how the product solves specific customer problems. They perform technical presentations for the product. They own the demonstration script for the product

Others have argued that sales consultant is actually a more accurate name for the role. SEs almost always work together with one or more sales reps. Although startups and smaller software companies often combine the roles of SEs and sales reps. SEs don’t typically don’t exist in most consulting companies. Certainly not my company. The SE role is typically covered by a collection of other individuals including project/program managers, business development staff, and technical experts/engineers. My position as a senior/project manager often requires me to fill the role of a SE and sales representative in selling our services and demoing our products.

It’s a specialized profession that requires deep technical knowledge, as well the ability to think creatively, quickly assess people, and handle difficult situations. Many programmers or engineers would not make good sales engineers because they lack the right mix of personality and initiative.  However, for those that are able to make the transition it’s generally an exciting and rewarding career.

Here are some useful sales engineering resources.



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  1. John Care

    Glen – thanks for the name check and mention. To add to your article I have discovered that the Sales Engineer (SE) role does exist outside of hw/sw companies. About 25-30% of my newsletter readership are from the heavy industrial arena – heat pumps, solar panels and the medical business. Anytime the salesrep has to bring a sales-oriented technician with him/her toexplain what the product really does – that’s an SE!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Glen

    Excellent point John.

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