The Top 10 Web Design Companies (that I’ve never heard of…)

I’m always intrigued when someone puts together a top 10 (or any number) list of Web design or consulting companies. This one was compiled by the folks over at TopSEOs – who provide research and insight on internet marketing agencies and tools. They actually have a whole series of rankings based on category, e.g. SEO, development, and social media. I’m not sure how much science there is behind this list. There may actually be some “pay for rank” angle at work.

I always like checking out Web companies that I am not familiar with.  And a top 10 list is a good place to start. These are all relatively small or boutique design and communications shops. I also spent some time flipping through their portfolios. Some of these company’s sites are presented well – I was most impressed with agencyQ, while others left a lot to be desired.  I actually didn’t make it through the splash Flash intro on the #1 ranked company. I HATE it when a site takes over my browser with a full screen Flash movie.

Here’s their top 10 list

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  1. Karrie Lagatella

    Excellent design is often great to some, but to others, it’s trash. Trust us, we have now suffered our share of varying ideas on our very own design work…

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