U.S. IT Salaries: No Increase This Year

Money manInformationWeek’s annual U.S. IT Salary Survey showed a median raise for IT professionals of 0% in 2010. The survey data was gathered from 20,000+ IT professionals between November and January. It’s the first time in 11 years that IT salaries have not increased.  The pay freeze holds true pretty much across the board – managers, staffers, contractors, and consultants.

Median Base IT Salaries

  • Managers: Base $103,000, Total $111,000
  • Staffers: Base $81,000, Total $85,000

Interesting Survey Statistics

  • Highest paying market segment: Financial services (Securities & Investments). Managers earned a median total compensation of $156,000. Runner Up – Biotech ($142,000)
  • Lowest paying market segments: Local and state government, non-profit, education

Highest Paying Titles (total compensation)

  • $120,000 – Architect
  • $110,000 – Systems Engineer
  • $105,000 – Project Leader
  • $99,000 – Software Engineer
  • $94,000 – Systems Programmer
  • $91,000 – Database Administrator
  • $91,000 – Software Developer

To me there’s not a great distinction between some of those titles listed. Systems engineer, software engineer, systems programmer, and software developer are all pretty similar roles in my mind.  The report didn’t contain much information on the geographic differences in salaries and 2010 raises. Obviously some parts oft he country are doing better than others. I believe the average raise in the Washington D.C. area for IT professionals was somewhere around 3%. Not great but certainly better than the average.

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