Top 25 Technology Consulting Firms

Based on Vault’s 2010 Prestige Ratings

There’s no real surprise here at the top of the list. McKinsey once again lands in the top spot – as they do on most consulting rankings (e.g. management consulting) based on prestige. The rest of the top 15 is made up mainly of firms that have huge stakes in U.S. Federal Government contracting. I’m a bit surprised to see Accenture below Gartner, but their scores were very close, so it’s splitting hairs at that point. Sapient is the only true Web consulting/interactive firm to make the list. Curiously Razorfish – which based on the last data I saw – outpaces Sapient in total revenue making it the larget interactive agency/firm.

Top Technology Firms Based on Revenue



Company Headquarters
1 McKinsey & Company New York, NY
2 Booz Allen Hamilton McLean, VA
3 Deloitte Consulting LLP New York, NY
4 Gartner, Inc. Europe United Kingdom
5 Accenture (IT Consulting) New York, NY
6 IBM Global Technology Services Armonk, NY
7 Cisco Systems, Inc. (IT Consulting) San Jose, CA
8 Lockheed Martin Corporation (IT Consulting) Bethesda, MD
9 Oracle Consulting Redwood City, CA
10 Capgemini (IT Consulting) Paris, France
11 Northrop Grumman Corporation (IT Consulting) Los Angeles, CA
12 HP Services Palo Alto, CA
13 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (IT Consulting) San Diego, CA
14 Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Falls Church, VA
15 Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc. Norwalk, CT
16 Infosys Consulting Inc. Fremont, CA
17 Unisys (IT Consulting) Blue Bell, PA
18 Cambridge Consultants Ltd Cambridge, MA
19 Dell Perot Systems Plano, TX
20 Tata Consultancy Services Mumbai, India
21 Keane, Inc. San Francisco, CA
22 Sapient Boston, MA
23 CGI Montreal, Canada
24 Hitachi Consulting Dallas, TX
25 Cognizant Teaneck, NJ
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  1. Jim H

    McKinsey & Company often places first on these types of lists just based on existing reputation. Are these rankings really based on recent performance or legacy? Hard to say. You wonder how another company would actually supplant them at the top unless they had a major public hiccup.

  2. Lisa


    Thank you so much for your post.
    I’m a French student and I’m writting a thesis on the strategies of legitimation of start-ups, applied to the sector of IT Consulting.

    Do you have any material on the subjects (e.g. names of major groups which started as “start-up” companies, et way they achieved it) or just any website I could visit.

    Thank you!!

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